Sustainable Event Management

Sustainability means the capacity to endure. When placed in the context of human life, the natural environment, societies cities, commerce, agriculture, coral reefs, etc., it means managing these so they can, in fact, all endure in unison. (Jones, M. 3rd Ed. 2018)

The event industry now embraces the indicators of sustainability performance put down by ‘the goal reporting initiative event organisers sector supplement’. Bother the GRI and ISO 20121 are underscored by the principles of sustainable development such as those prescribed in the UN Global Compact, and embrace social responsibility and the principles outlined in ISOl 20121.

There are now guidelines and frameworks put in place to help people to practice being sustainable which are proving to be very positive. The conceptual framework or sustainable event management is vital in trying to be as sustainable as possible in events.

What I learnt during this week of reading what that there and impacts and outcomes when hosting an event. Resources are being used, emissions are being released, there will be pollution from a number of factors such as noise and transport.  But with having a vision, missions, policies, objectives, targets, a set strategy and a Framework to follow you are taking the steps into trying to be more sustainable.

Key considerations

  • Power.
  • Travel/ transport.
  • Waste management
  • Noise
  • Location
  • Suppliers


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