Site management and value of location.

There should be intitial considerations of the venue or site to determine suitability for the event being hosted.  Factors could include examples such as having the correct capacity, available space for infrastructure, access, temporary structures, traffic management and traffic.

To find a suitable location you need to think about what type of event you are hosting.

  • Timings of the event?
  • Is alcohol on sale?
  • Is it seated or standing?
  • Is there any movement of attendees between facilities/ entertainment.
  • What is the artistic nature of event.


You also need to take into account that varying site to site there will be restrictions.

  • Ground conditions.
  • Suitable for proposed capacity.
  • Water & sewage.
  • Gas.
  • Electricity.

When learning about site management and the value of location I was surprised by how flexible it can be to where you want to base an event. Events will continuously change depending on what needs to be at the event for example if you wanted caterers they would need to be gas. From studying about site management there was also an opportunity for myself to learn about the fire risk assessment guide, entrance and exits, signage plan, welfare facilities, noise management and security.



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