Marketing your event.

Since looking at who the customers previously you know need to acknowledge where to position yourself.  We need to be creative in thinking, show that you are being innovative and entertain. However, without make assumptions, ignoring the competition or becoming complacent.

The way to market an event and communicate property there are factors you can do, for example you can build on reputation, develop long-term sonf profitable relationships, work to a timeline, and communicate the benefits of your event to the customers.

Marketing an event can be hard.  The scale and budget and the access that you have will vary how you decide to market it. One of the most effective way to market events is online advertisement, it’s measurable and highly sophisticated. Online advertisement is now a multi-million pound industry and in  2014 accounted for one-quarter of total media spending.

There are endless amounts of ways that you are able to marketing events, with only mentioning one, you can see how vastly growing the industry is. I think that sometimes it can be easier to start off with online advertisement because we see it everywhere. However, there are other options such as press, radio and TV.  The power of social media should also not be forgotten as it is a huge tools and anyone can join and create a profile.


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