The cost of event varies on different factors,  I will be discussing below what aspects of events, event planners spend their money.

Where does the money go?

  • Venue hire- the largest single percentage of organisers (36%) spend no more than £500 on hiring a venue
  • Food and beverage- 52% spend a maximum of £500 food and beverage and 20% don’t spend it on catering at all.
  • print/ branding- 58% pay no more than £500, 23% manage not to spend in this area.
  • Content- 46% don’t spend anything on an event programmes and 29% spend £500 or less.
  • Marketing and Communication- 32% spend nothing  and 49% of event planners spend between £1-£500.
  • tools and technology- has varied repossess but with 55% of respondents state they would spend nothing.
  • other line items (staffing, security, etc).

Most events appear to be run on a minimal budget, but by understanding where the event organisers are using their money or more crucially where there’re not. you can see the possibilities you and you’re events.



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