Event selection

Within this week of lectures a lot has been learnt! We were discussing ‘Event Selection’ looking into advantages and disadvantage of hosting an event at different locations. 

The key to event selection is as follows:

  • Know you target market
  • Play to your strengths
  • Time your activities both long and short-term
  • Be aware of seasonal opportunities 
  • Develop and sustain relationships.

If you are able to find a great site/venue for your event ensure that you are able to make the best of it and ensure it goes with your target audience to ensure success.

Reflecting on this week, it really is most important that the venue and setting is appropriate. In 2017 there was a publishing about the best ranked arenas world-wide and at the top ranked number 1. O2, London.  There are a variety of venues around the UK that can be inspiring to those trying to get into the event industry. 



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