Marketing and communication

Marketing is communication is essential in events.

If you were not to marketing nor communicate your event would be likely to be unsuccessful.

Positioning is key, you would need to specifically focus on different customer segments. Promotion is what makes your even different to others to stand out from competitors you need to mainly be clear in what you are offering and what your unique selling point is.


To communicate the benefits of your event to the customers. Build on reputation and also encourage referrals, work to a timeline be entertaining and develop long and profitable relationship.

There are three main different ways of doing this, through press (regionally, nationally, daily, weekly, monthly and even for free)

Radio- BBC, national, regional& local.

TV- BBC, ITV, SKY, national, regional& digital.

Online advertising.

Sometimes referred to as ‘search engine marketing’ paid Chanel marketing or pay-per-click marketing

The terms are often used interchangeably to describe what is essentially the and concept.

It is measurable, sophisticated with regards to targeting and it making is possible to calculate both long and short-term value for how much revenue resulted from each and every incoming website visit.

Online advertisement is a multi-million- pound industry with digital as spending worldwide hitting £120 billion in 2014 and accounting for one-quarter of total media spending.

Once you run out of money to put the ads up- The traffic won’t stop coming in.

If you’re not smart about your online advertising there is a high risk that you actually lose money in your investment. This will negatively effect your business/ event.

If we can communicate, we can network. ‘Networking begins as basic communication between people who share an interest in each other and their business, for the purpose of advancing opportunities for each of those who participate in the network’ Asimus, L, 2012

Public relations– it is essesntial to for an events to be success, good PR in the form of favourable previews, interviews can hugely benefit you!

Photos and listings can make or break and event. A full page interview with a photo can cost nothing and is more effective than paying for the same size advert in the same publication.

Communicate and engage

Experiential events tent to communicate on a much more personal level, they have the ability to generate a deeper level of emotional engage meant and often results in better conversion rate and at a small costs. These events can range from high profile invite only events to tasters at a local farmers market.

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